Fresh Start - Positive Change


Fresh Start – Positive change

Over the 6 week summer break the site premises team along with a range of contractors have been hard at work in order to further improve the quality of education our young people receive. A significant amount of work has been undertaken to modernise wiring, improve lighting with an eco friendly cost effective system and enhance school infrastructure as a whole.

I am also delighted to announce that the school now boasts an all weather, all purpose, professionally installed BMX course. The course complies with national standards in accordance with the BMX Association England, and can therefore support nationwide competitors in both training and time trials for major events. This will be accessible to all years and will be officially opened in the coming weeks. A huge thank you to the central team who have worked tirelessly to improve the aesthetic and infrastructure in order to provide the best possible environment for your child to thrive in. The funds generated to carry out all the works were secured through CIF (Capital Investment Funding).  Gareth Preen (Chief Operating Officer) Northern House School Academy Trust was successful in his application, which in itself is a tremendous achievement.  This goes a long way to support school improvement and really establish Northern House School (City of Wolverhampton) as a progressive, forward thinking school of the future.

Mr A Price

Executive Headteacher