TLC (9th February 2018)

Pupils thoroughly enjoy visiting the home

A press cutting from the express and star, they recently reported on a visit made by pupils and staff to Lime Tree court residential home as part of a regular initiative run by TLC. whilst at the home pupils engaged in cake decorating activities and dined with the residents at lunchtime.

 Pupils thoroughly enjoy visiting the home, taking part in activities and having conversations with the residents and as the report highlights, residents welcome the weekly visits from our young people.

Below is a wrote up version of the paper-cutting to the left.

"Children cooked up a storm at a care home this week to celebrate National Hat Day.

Residents at Lime Tree Court Residential Care Home in Bilston, warmly welcomed pupils from Northern House school in Wolverhampton.

Working as a team, they all baked hat-themed treats in honour of the day, which falls on January 15th each year. Teacher Ross Walker said ''The pupils thoroughly enjoyed Hat Day at Lime Tree Court. They happily decorated cakes as hats and one of the students ended up eating 5 cakes!".

Activities leader Tracey Skinner added; "Our residents really enjoyed Hat Day, especially being joined by the students from Northern House, they love seeing their young smiling faces".

"We Wanted to do something a bit different"."