Secondary School Update (30th January 2018)

Year 7

The topic this half term is Skills for Life. So far the pupils have prepared, cooked and served Homemade Beef burgers, varying the flavours, Spicy Tomato Soup and Flat-breads. All dishes have been a resounding success but each pupil just wishes they they had a double, rather than a single lesson each week!

Year 8

The topic this half term is Healthy Eating. Use of carbohydrate foods have included flour and oats to make Melting Moment biscuits and a Full English Breakfast using protein foods. This lesson saw lots of visitors to the Food Tech room - guided by the smells of bacon cooking! Comments from pupils “Can we do this every week please?” A brilliant team effort from each class with some real stars!

Year 9

Again another unit on Eating Healthily. Making and shaping pasta, cooking it “two ways” as an experiment, using oats in cooking and preparing, cooking and serving Chicken Casserole.

Year 10 and 11

Jamie’s Home cooking skills, the emphasis is on main meal dishes. Last week saw students preparing Salt Fish Fritters and Chicken Fried Ride.