Primary Pupils:

    • Knitted school jumper with teal V-neck and teal embroidered logo

    • Grey/black trousers

    • White shirt with collar or white polo shirt

    • Black shoes


Secondary Pupils:

    • School blazer with white embroidered logo 
    • School sweatshirt with white embroidered logo

    • Navy and teal striped tie 
    • Grey/black trousers

    • White shirt with collar

    • Black shoes



Here are some secondary pupils displaying our SMART new uniform


Blazers, jumpers and ties are only available to buy from the school office. The cost of each item is as follows:

Blazers £20.00                 Jumpers £16.50                 Ties £5.00

All other items are available from supermarkets, high street stores and uniform suppliers.

Uniform Order Form

It is important that pupils wear school uniform at all times. Any parent who has difficulty in paying for any item of uniform is encouraged to approach the school for help.