Social Media Awareness Library 

Online safety for parents and guardians is more important than ever with the ever growing world of the 'internet'. As our young people begin to spend more time exploring online, it’s important that as parents and care givers we need to teach them how to stay safe and understand when something isn't as innocent as they are lead to believe. Here are just some of the apps they may be using and ones to look out for to monitor.

Whilst using these apps and website, remember to follow these tips below;

  • Do not give out personal information
  • Don't bully anyone, and never retaliate to bullying. IF you see any form of bullying report it.
  • Choose a username that does not reveal anything about you
  • Always check with your parents before going on a new website.
  • Keep your password to yourself.
  • Do not reply to people you don't know, they might not be who they say they are.
  • Do not meet new people you have met online 

Remember to stay safe!

To download the list, click here or under the PDF. To open the list in a new tab browser click here.

(Last updated 09/01/2018)