2017/18 News - Secondary 

Latest School News:

Birmingham Airport (15th March 2018)

3D Product design unit using SketchUp


Sketchup! (15th March 2018)

3D Product design unit using SketchUp


Space Raiders (13th February 2018)

Willow are blasting off into space!


Sketch Up (13th February 2018)

Year 7 are currently undertaking a 3D Product design unit using SketchUp.


Boys Club (13th February 2018)

This week a variety of young people from years 7 – 9 have enjoyed themselves within boys club


3D Product Design (13th February 2018)

For this project, students were given the new learning brief, and were required to design and manufacture a child's vehicle.


TLC (13th February 2018)

Pupils thoroughly enjoy visiting the home


Secondary School Update (30th November 2018)

Come see what each year has been up to!


Gardening Potential  (30th November 2017)

Keep up the excellent work, Simon!


Football Fixture (28th November 2017)

Northern house headed to Rowley Regis for their second league fixture of the season against Westminster School


Cooking Up a Storm! (15th September 2017)

Year 7 & Year 11's in the kitchen